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Blurring the lines between indie rock sensibilities and electronic music artistry

Imposter(s) is an indie electronica duo comprised of █████ █████ and █████ █████████, joining together their rock sensibilities and avant-garde production to explore uncharted territory in the electronic music scene.

Believing that the best things come in threes, the format of this project is to incrementally release three maxi-singles of three tracks each in both digital and physical formats, culminating in the final release of a 9-track album.

The music is breaking new ground and superbly represents the respective influences of its creators in a fresh and exciting way. Not only have the creators of this project begun to erode the boundaries of the genres they allude to, but conversely have begun to shed the identities of its creators. This is no longer a work of art created by a sum of its parts, but rather a statement which challenges its origins. It is Imposter(s).

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Omar Al-Samadi

Omar Al-Samadi

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