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Waxlimbs & Astrolope

A collaborative project between Toronto producers Astrolope and Waxlimbs

Waxlimbs is the primary creative project of producer and performer Alex Metcalfe from Toronto, Ontario. At times described as ambience, glitch, dance and noise, Waxlimbs strives to find new sonic territory to frame stories and concepts. Taking inspiration from Beili Liu, Fumito Ueda, The Knife and various others, the scope of the project is in a continuously shifting flux. Working with costumed theatrics in a live setting, Waxlimbs is a different experience on stage and recorded.

Astrolope is the solo electronic project of composer and producer Paul Geldart from Toronto. Occupying the space between dance, lo-fi, ambient, and experimental music, Astrolope emits a whimsical and imaginative sonic palette. Influenced by Four Tet, Flying Lotus, C418, and various others, Astrolope is a crash course in surreal and colourful dance music.

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